Honda Civic 1991 | water leak


A leak on an older model of Civic. Water is getting in where the side trim panel clips through a hole in the body work.

From there the water trickles down inside the body panel to a sealed box section under the back seat, then slowly leaks out into the foot well on the driver's side. There is quite a puddle under the carpet.

Solution: We will seal this hole, decontaminate and dry the car.

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Question: "Is it going to be worth repairing the leaks in an older car?"

Answer: Sometimes older cars which are cheap to run, reliable, small and easy to use city cars, may not have much monetary value but would be hard to replace. It might be worth doing if  it means you are likely to get many more years use out of the car. Likewise, we have done some cars which have sentimental value. 

We have had other customers who have decided their best course of action is to trade their car in and get a new one. Much of this depends on what the inspection shows. Some cars like this Honda (still a desirable car even though it's 30 years old) are a simple and cheap fix, while other's might have crash damage which has lead to multiple leaks through body panels which need welding. 

Having the inspection done allows you to make an informed decision. 

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