Land Rover discovery 2015 | part 1


Here we have a Land Rover discovery with a water leak due to the sunroof pipes being blocked

This is causing it to back up and then into the car by the passenger side  foot well and dripping onto the floor due to debris getting into the sunroof drainage pipes.

Please watch part 2 for more information.

Car Water Leak Tracing - Essex, Kent & London.

Car Water Leak Tracing - Essex, Kent, London.

It's bad enough that it rains all the time in England without the rain ending up inside your car, making your floors and carpets wet. Car water leaks can really dampen your mood. Let us help. 

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Question: "There is heavy condensation in my car and a damp smell. Today I found the carpets are wet. I went through a car wash and didn't see anything leak." 

Answer: It is very rare to see water dripping down or running down a window, just as in this video, it could be something like a broken or blocked connector on a drainage pipe. It is not uncommon that the first people realize that water is getting inside their car is when they smell that damp, swampy odour. It is not only important to find and fix any leaks, but we need to get did of that smell which leads to mould which can be harmful to your health. This is why we decontaminate your car with anti-microbial and then thoroughly dry the car. 

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