Land Rover Discovery 2015 | Water Leak Sun Roof


Common problem with leaking sun roof drainage on Range Rover

Here we have a Land Rover Discovery which has come in for a water leak it has in the front foot well and rear footwell wet due to the common issue with a front sunroof pipes being perished and then allowing water to pass through in to the car and allows water to come down the inner of the bulkhead instead of Releasing through front arches.

As already mentioned, this seems to be a common cause of wet carpets on this model but it's not unique to Range Rovers.

Solution: We will replace the pipes and fittings and with the leak found and fixed, we will dry the carpets.

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Question: "I had a leak in my car but the windscreen company fixed it. They also paid to have my car valeted. But the car is still damp and the smell has come back. I want to dry my car myself, how would I do it?"

Answer: The best way is to remove the seats, remove the trim around the doors, lift the carpet up and hold it there with bungees. Suck out the water as it drains down (this can take a day or two) and keep a hot air blower on it. There are several tricks and tips with this to avoid issues with things like airbag warning lights, you can find out more by reading our Rain Water Leak articles and videos.

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