Land Rover discovery 2015 | part 2


After further investigation on the Land Rover discovery has revealed that there is a rubber gromit on the end of the sunroof pipe going into the wing which has perished.

This is allowing the water to come in on the nearside front foot well,  we are going to replace with a brand-new one and recommend doing both as they are the same age.

Sunroofs can cause a host of problems. Your sunroof sits in a tray, the tray usually have two or four drainage holes with pipes which lead down through the window pillars to drain away within the bodywork of the car. 

The first problem is that those drainage holes will often become blocked over time so you end up with a tray of water over your head. If you find water dripping on your head, this is often the problem. 

Next the pipes themselves can get blocked, or they can come off, or the connectors can break, any of which will cause your car to leak. 

I have seen many videos on youtube of people telling you that your sunroof needs maintenance to avoid leaks, and that you could force water through the pipes or poke an old coat hanger down there. They don't warn you that doing this can easily pop the pipes off the connectors which is sure to cause you leaks and a lot of work to get them back on.

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Question: "How do I stop water leaking into my car, I think I know where it's coming from, it's dripping on my head! "

Answer: The tray around the sunroof isn't draining away. You need to look in there with a torch and see how many drainage holes there are, then try to find the bottoms of them. Flush them through with a hosepipe from the bottom first. Then use a proper sink unblocker to poke down the holes. Do this very gently, push until you meet resistance then twist, don't force it. 

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