Lexus RX400H 2009 | Water Leak Detection Part 1


When a customer brings a car to us with a leak, we'll never know exactly what we'll find. What would you do if you were looking for a leak and found one, would you stop looking?

We don't. We look at all the places that cars usually leak, such as door membranes, sunroofs and those infamous rear air vents. And then we check our records (such as these videos) to see what problems we have encountered in the past with the particular make and model.

This Lexus has around six different leaks. We have seen many of these problems before, such as the drainage for the sunroof,  and the cracked seams around the tail gate. The rear air vents are common to all cars, and on this vehicle, we can see that it's had some electrical work. You have noticed the module fixed with a self-tapping screw in the driver's foot well. And somebody has added an extra grommet in the boot, but not actually put it in the hole.

We will have to get in there and sort out the drainage on the sunroof. Sometimes they are just blocked, other times the pipes and connectors need replacing. The rear vents can be replaced, and the rest can be sealed up. We may also have some re-wiring to do.  

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