Lexus RX 400h 2008 | Part 2 | Water Leaks Boot Area


This Lexus RX400 has multiple leaks, in the first video we showed the doors leaking, this video covers the cracked seams which allow water to leak into the boot.

This is a continuation of a video which was cut off: See Part One

James pours water over the near-side seam to show where the water is leaking in. This is pretty much the same on both sides of the car. 

We then tested  the rear air vent (near side) which faces behind the bumper. James puts a hose on it and demonstrates that it is also leaking. 

Solution: The cracked seams can be solved by smearing sealant into them. As for the rear vents, these too could be made waterproof with sealant and that is what your local mechanic would probably do if you took it to them. However we usually replace the vents which have a built in gasket because we like to keep everything factory fresh. 

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Question: "Why do you insist on replacing with new parts?  Wouldn't it be cheaper just to seal it up?"

Answer: Once you have sealed something up, that's pretty much perminant. If for some reason you need a part removed at a later day, your mechanic may well just cut it out then fix it back in when he's done, giving you another water leak. Besides, we have found that some of the manufacturers identify that their parts are prone to leak and improve the design or use better quality materials. 

However, sometimes it is just not worth ordering a part from half way around the world if it's just a sheet of clear plastic or a rubber gromit which is much like so many others. We try to do what's best for the customer.

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