Mazda MX5 2007 | Water Leak Found | (Part 1)


This MX5 has a number of leaks, the first is a leaking door membrane which is fairly normal for any model of car about this age.

The second is caused by blocked drainage holes underneath the convertible roof, which is fairly normal for cabriolets. There's also a leak from a clip behind the bumper which is letting water into the boot and filling up the spare wheel compartment. 

Solution: We will replace both door membranes with new ones. The gutters and drainage for the cabriolet hood will be cleaned and all the rubbers will be cleaned and refurbished. The leaking clip behind the back bumper is probably best just sealed, although we will take the back bumper off and investigate further

When all leaks are fixed, (and there are a couple more shown in part two of this video) the car will be dried.

Do you have a leaky Mazda MX5?

Rainwater leak Mazda


If you are having problems tracking down the leaks on your MX5, give us a call. We've done this once or twice!

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Question: "Can you do anything with my convertible roof? I'm pretty sure it's leaking".

Answer: It's pretty rare that the actual hood leaks. The rubbers might leak, either around the hood or on the special window arrangements that cabriolet cars have. It's also common for drainage holes to be blocked up causing leaks. 

And yes, we can do something with a convertible roof. We can clean and reproof them, revive the rubbers, check the drainage, and we usually have special offers on having your car polished up and given a sealant while we are refurbishing the hood. 

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