Mazda MX5 2008 | Water Leak Found (part 4)


James shows the leaks from the scuttle area. There are two bolts which have a rubber washer which should seal them waterproof.

However, over time this washer will perish and leak. The water then runs straight through into the driver's compartment and drips onto the cabin.

These washers need to be replaced with new ones, but what's interesting about this video is that it shows the rust. You can see on the passenger side that the bracket is rusted but the bolt isn't. This because the bolt is a standard zinc coated bolt which is coated against rust, but most of the parts on the inside of the cabin are not coated with even paint as protection. There isn't supposed to be water in the cabin so why rust-proof them?

The rust on that bracket isn't just because the water is running over it. If you have a leaky car you will notice that in the mornings the windows are steamed up, you find condensation over the cold glass. You don't see that water is condensing on every hard cold surface, this will include all the brass and copper electrical connectors on the wiring loom, switches, and interior lights.

Water can cause a host of problems, including that familiar damp smell that classic convertible cars are known for.

If we do get the go-ahead from the customer to work on this car, we will dry it, it has already been decontaminated. It would also be nice if we could give it a polish and a ceramic coating. A car like this can provide enjoyment for many years to come. 

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