Mini Convertible One Sidewalk 2007 | Rain Water Leak (Part 1)


On this Mini, we have found two water leaks, (so far), one in the window between door and rear window, and another in the boot.

The window leeks are fairly typical of what we find on convertible cars as windows are often not held in a frame but are instead waterproofed by being pressed against rubbers. This all depends on the rubbers holding their shape and being plump, flexible and clean. As we can see from what we found in the boot, the rubbers are not good. Over time, the solvents and plasticizers in the rubber evaporate. They can shrink, lose their shape, become stiff and inflexible and of course they can get dirty.

Solution: Usually the rubbers can be brought back with a rubber reviver after they have had a good clean. Rubber reviver can be quite expensive stuff (for a good one that works) but it does actually work and is cheaper than replacing all the rubbers with new ones which is the other option.

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Question: "I think I have the same leak on my mini, can I do it myself?

Answer: We won't pretend this is rocket surgery, but like most things, we make it look easy. Once you start to dig down into what's involved you might find there's a lot more to it than you think, and of course we are well practised. But if you do want to go at it yourself, we have made a video offering advice on everything to do with car water leaks. 

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