Mini Cooper 2006 | Water Leak Through Door Speakers


Another Mini which is leaking through the doors, this time it's coming through the speakers

The customer had pulled a lot of the interior apart trying to find this leak which appears to be caused by the sealant which holds the inner door membrane perishing.

Solution: This is a simple fix, we would replace the membranes and seal them properly in place. And we would recommend to prevent future leaks, replacing them on all four doors.

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Question: "My car is only a few years old and it's already leaking. Isn't this a manufacturers fault?"

Answer: If your car is still within warranty, you can certainly contact the dealer and ask them to fix the issue which is causing your car to leak. However, garages and dealerships are seldom equipped to decontaminate and dry your car. But you can give them a try. 

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