Mini countrymen cooper S 2010 | Water Leak When it Rains


Here we have a Mini Countrymen Cooper S that come in for water leak testing it has been driving the customer mad trying to find the leak and he has removed most of the interior he’s self.

Under further inspection there is a problem with the drivers rear door membrane which is allowing water to pass into car onto drivers rear foot well and working its way to front floor boards.  As we can see in the video there is a lot of electrical cables and fuse box where the rain water is collecting will eventually cause mould and corrosion and electrical problems if it’s left. The solution to this particular leaky problem is an easy fix... we just remove the door panel and make a new door membrane from plastic sheeting which is then bonded in place to make the door waterproof again. From there it's just a matter of drying the car out which we do with dehumidifiers and hot air blowers.

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Question: "I have a convertible car and I don't have a leak but I left the roof down and my car got soaked.  The leather has seen better days. Can you do anything?"

Answer: Yes, making cars like new again is something of a specialty of ours. We do everything from leather connolising to paintwork correction and specialty coatings. Many of our water leak customers have to make the decision to have the work done or trade the car in. If they decide to keep the car, many of them think it's worth giving it a makeover and making it good as new. Take a look around our website, we do a lot more than rain water leaks. 

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