Nissan Note 2013 | Water Leak Found


This is a fairly straightforward rain water leak; leaky door membranes are not unique to Nissans, they are one of the most common leaks on any kind of car.

Solution: Replace the door membrane and seal it properly, and recommend that we do all four doors because if one has perished, the others are likely not far behind. As it's not an expensive fix in terms of parts, it makes sense to do it.

The car will also need to be dried, so the front seat will come out, the carpet lifted up, the water underneath extracted, and then we will put our drying machines on it.

A simple solution to the difficult problem of car water leaks

Nissan Note Water Leaks in Car When it Rains.

We'll inspect your car and give you a full report. We'll even video what we find and send it to you so you with a quotation. Car water leaks can be difficult to solve; the proverbial can of worms. We aim to make it easy. 

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Question: "If I use a car cover and get the car dried out, can I bring it to you in the summer?"

Answer: You could do, but we strongly advise against this.
The car will be very unlikely to dry on it's own. You really need to get those carpets lifted, suck out the water and dry the car with blowers and dehumidifiers. Otherwise the car will remain wet.

You are probably already experiencing condensation and a damp smell. Putting a car cover over it will just increase the condensation and warmth while making the car nice and dark. You will be creating a mould farm.

So stay away from car covers, but by all means, keep the car garaged and make serious attempts to dry the car if you can.  

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