Peugeot 107 2013 | Water Leaks Found


This seven year old Peugeot has a water leak through one of the rear lights, probably because the seal around the light has perished or shrunk.

Solution: We will fix both rear lights because they are both the same age, so if one is leaking rain water, it's likely the other will do it soon. Most of the water seems to be getting in through the door membranes, the drivers door and the rear passenger side are letting in a lot of water. Again, as two have come unattached, it's likely the other doors might do soon so we will replace them on all four doors.

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Question: "I think my car has same leak that you show on one of your videos, how do I repair it?"

Answer: The cheap and dirty way of doing repair is to put some sealant over the leaky areas, but what we usually try to do is replace the parts. It might be replacing an air vent or a door membrane; often the manufacturer becomes aware of the problem and the new parts are an updated design. Besides, we like to return your car to you as close to factory as possible. However, sometimes the best and most efficient method of repairing a leak is with carefully applied sealant... and sometimes things just need a clean. 

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