Peugeot 308 2015 | Water Leak Detection


This car was suffering from the trough under the scuttle filling up with water due to the drainage holes being blocked with leaves, causing water to leak through the bulkhead around the pollen filter.

A second leak came through the door because the door membrane had perished, causing water to leak down through the door card.

There was also water in the boot caused by leaking around the rear air vents. Some interior trim on the rear tailgate is split, allowing water to bypass the drainage holes.

We'll unblock the drainage holes under the windscreen. Both door membranes will be replaced, as will the rear air vents and rear trim.

The car will then be decontaminated and dried, and it will be ready for the customer

Water Leak Detection Service.

Rain water Leak Detection - Essex

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Question: "Can you carry out all the work?"

Answer: We can carry out most of the work we find on most cars. This car has had some crash damage, and although we could replace the interior trim, you would need to go to a crash repair centre. Sometimes cars will need to go to a dealership or mechanic to repair/replace things like rusty servos. Thankfully, this is fairly rare. 

More common are leaky windscreens, which will need the attention of a screen-fitter.

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