Porsche 911 2005 | Water Leak Detection

Porsche 911 2005 | Water Leak Detection

It is a known problem for Porsche to leak from around the roof because many of them are convertibles and cabriolet roofs have a lot of potential entry points at drainage holes and around the windows.

This Porsche also has a problem with the drivers-side door membrane, which leads to water in the footwell.

Solution: We will replace both door membranes with new ones. We replace both because if the driver's side has aged and is leaking, there's a good chance the passenger side will also leak soon.

We will clean out all the guttering and drainage from the roof mechanism, above the boot area, clean and refurbish all the rubbers around the door windows. Not only that, but we also need to treat the inside of the roof to neutralize all that mould.

As usual, we will dry the car, but we have a lot more work to do on this Porsche 911. We  do a lot more here at New Again than just find and fix leaks. We also refurbish modern cars and make them like new again. Not only that, but we can clean and reproof convertible roofs, repair leather upholstery, and make your paintwork better than the day it left the factory, polishing it to a fine finish and applying a ceramic coating.

We have been repairing leaks and drying cars for over 30 years 

Water Leak repair Service

Up  to a third of the cost of your car was computers, processors and sensors. Delicate  electrical systems hidden under your carpets, which might now be sitting in water. 


Car Leak Repair

Question: "I have seen that you  can refurbish the hood, and I'm thinking of having the paintwork buffed up. Can you do it all at the same time?"

Answer: It all depends on you. What we would suggest is that you get the car to us for an inspection and while it's here we can assess the car and make some suggestions. Some people send their cars to us on a transporter, and we have had cars come from all over Europe, and in these cases we treat them as a project. We take care of everything from wheel refurbishment to bodywork repairs and give the car back to the customer fully restored. In other cases we will do a car bit-by-bit with it coming back every few months and sometimes year after year for us to maintain the vehicle in pristine condition.  Either way is fine by us, but first job is to detect and repair any leaks.

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