Porsche 911 Convertible | Water Leak Found

Porsche 911 Convertible | Water Leak Found

We have a Porsche with wet front carpets and the water is leaking into where the electrical control units are. Although these units are usually well sealed, water and electrics don't place nice together.

We stripped out the back of the car and found that water was running down inside the hood, as it should, and flowing to a trough which was overflowing. What is supposed to happen is that water flows through a drainage hole and pours to the ground under the rear wing.

The blockage is caused by the dirt and debris which also finds its way down this water channel.

Solution:  This one is an easy fix, we just need to unblock the drainage holes and clean out any debris. Then we need to dry the car out. As you can see we already have the carpets lifted, so after using an extractor to remove the water we will pump hot air into the car until it's dry. The car will have been treated with anti-microbial before we started work. This prevents mould caused by the damp. 

Although this example is a Porsche, what we see here is fairly common to most soft-top convertibles. It's something to look out for if you own any kind of cabriolet. 

We have been repairing leaks and drying cars for over 30 years 

Water Leak Detection Service

Up  to a third of the cost of your car was computers, processors and sensors. Delicate  electrical systems hidden under your carpets, which might now be sitting in water. 


Car Leak Repair

Question: "How do I know you have fixed my  leak? I have been back to the dealership three times, and they have always charged me for something, but my car is still full of water."

Answer: If you use our services, we will dry your car and if it stays dry, then we have fixed your leak! About every one in ten comes back because it's still leaking, I'm afraid that's the nature of the business. If it does, then either our repair didn't work or you have more than one leak.  So we will check our work and if we were at fault we'll put it right. 

When we do the inspection, we check all the known problems on a car, plus all the obvious possibilities. This usually gets us to at least one leak, and if not we keep looking. We guarantee we find at least one. But once we find one, we don't keep looking unless there's something to indicate we should. It's a bit like when you lose your keys, once you find them, you don't start pulling up the floor boards looking for more. Time is money, and we have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise we could be there for days looking for leaks that don't exist.

So there is a bit of trial and error involved. If you are one of those one-in-ten people that comes back with a second leak, we don't have to start from scratch as we have already checked the usual points of entry, and we will dry your car for free.

We don't like to see you coming back disappointed, so we try to get it right first time. 

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