Range Rover Evoque 2016 | Water Leak on Windscreen


This can happen on pretty much any car. The screen begins to leak, it doesn't have to be a poorly fitted replacement screen.

Even windscreens which are factory fitted leak and are something of a regular problem on Volvo and Rangerover. The boding sealer shrinks and dries out over time and as the car body is flexing and moving about, gaps can occur letting in rain water.

Solution: There is nothing wrong with the screen so it doesn't need to be replaced with a new one, but it will need to be professionally refitted. Once that is done the car can be dried out.

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Question: "If my windscreen is leaking, who is responsible?"

Answer: If you have a windscreen refitted recently and it's leaking, you should contact your windscreen company. Our service provides a report, photos/videos showing our findings so you can take this to them as evidence.

If you haven't recently had a screen refitted but bought the car from a dealership, you could also appeal to them to do something. 

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