Renault Clio 2004 | water leak detection


Leaking door membranes are a common problem on cars this age. They age and perish and let water leak in. However, on this car they seem to be leaking from where the speakers are so it's possible that at some point an audio technician has upgrades the speakers and not put the membrane back properly.

With this car it's just as likely to be age, but we do see leaks on newer cars which have had work recently done on the audio system. 

Solution: We will replace the door membranes and then either replace or seal those rear stoppers, depending on availability, price and what the customer wants to do.

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Renault - Automotive water leak testing.


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Question: "Why don't you show the repair of these leaks in your videos?"

Answer: The videos are there as a record of where we find leaks because finding leaks is the hardest part. We are not trying to get famous on Youtube and we don't ask you to like and subscribe. Creating a DIY repair channel on youtube isn't what we are about, filming everything we do would just create a whole load more work for us. And besides that there are the legal implications of showing people how to repair cars. 

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