Renault Clio 2005 | water leak blocked drainage


Here we have a Renault Clio which has come in for a water leak and has soaking passenger front and passenger rear foot wells it is a common problem due to the centre drain on the scuttle area being blocked and allowing water to back up and then work its way through gaskets and bulkhead.

This really is a very comon problem on this model of Renault. Many cars have this design where there is a large box below the windscreen covered by a scuttle, all of them are prone to having leaves and debris build up and block the drainage holes. Water will then either fill this box until it reaches a hole which it can flow out of, or will slop about, sometimes going over the top of the bulkhead. Before you know it you have wet carpets and a car full of water

This does seem to be a particular problem with Renaults of various models but usually it is just a case of flushing the drainage holes through. We advise that if you have a car that does this, to reguarlly open up the bonnet and remove any debris.

...while not wanting to bash on Renault (although many people would) there are a few other areas where they are prone to leak, so please watch the next few videos is you don't think that this is the cause of your wet carpets.

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