Renault Clio 2008 | Water Leak found | Bulkhead and Scuttle


One of the drainage holes on the scuttle area was blocked leading it to fill up with water. From here it can slop around and go in different directions depending which direction the car is moving

We often hear people complain that a load of water runs down the back of the back of the dashboard every time they take a right-hand corner, but on this Renault this isn't the case, but it could be that when the car accelerates water and run back down the bulkhead.

We also put a hosepipe directly on the bulkhead and found this leads to a leak around the air conditioner. 

Solution: The scuttle can be unblocked easily enough, however removing and resealing the air conditioning unit is a little bit further involved than we normally go. Although we often dismantle parts of the interior and make minor repairs, our workshop is not set up more major mechanical fitting... we have to draw the line somewhere. So we will be recommending they take this car to a dealership or friendly local mechanic.

Once this repair is done, we would recommend bringing the car back to us for another decontamination and drying. As this video shows, there is a considerable amount of water in the car which will not dry out on it's own as there is a fairly thick layer of foam under there which is completely saturated.

The first part of the water leak detection showing our findings can be found here

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Rain Water Leaking inside car - Renault Clio


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Question: "How quickly can you fix my leak?"

Answer: Usually pretty quick. However, we can't fix everything, as you can see in this video, there is a problem with the air conditioner. This car also had some damaged bodywork which was minor but the customer might decide to get fixed. In either case we would defer to experts who are better set up to handle this kind of job. That why we do a report. We'll send you a video showing what we've found so you can decide what to do next. If we can fix the leak in house, and we can most of the time, we would rather get on with it so we can get you on your way.

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