Renault Clio | Water Leak Found | Scuttle


We have seen a lot of these down the years. There is a trough in front of the bulkhead under the 'scuttle' which is the plastic panel just under the windscreen.

This trough has a drainage hole on either side. Over time, leaves and other debris finds it's way down your windscreen into this area and it can eventually block your drainage holes. The trough then fills with water and leaks past the bulkhead into the passenger compartment.

Solution: Unblock the holes and then clean up the passenger compartment. The carpets need to come up, the water sucked out and the car dried.

Essex Rain Water Leak Detection Service

Essex - rain water leaking in car

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Question: "I drove through a ford when the water was too high and flooded my car. Can you help?"

Answer: Yes, we have done many of these over the years, usually through insurance companies. Give us a call and we can talk about it. 

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