Renault Clio 2008 | Water leaks found | Sunroof and Vents


This car had blocked sunroof drainage holes, blocked on both sides which often causes problems as the water can then run down from the roof, but as there doesn't seem to be much water on the passenger side this doesn't seem to be the main culprit.

There is also a small leak on one of the rear outlet vents. As has been shown on many, many of our videos, this is a common problem on many makes and models of cars.

Even though we have found these three issues, it probably doesn't seem to account for the amount of water in the car so we will keep looking. The results can be seen here.

Solution: The sunroof drainage holes can be unblocked and that rear vent will be removed and looked at and then either repaired or replaced; probably replaced.

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Question: "How do I unblock the sunroof?"

Answer: The best way is with a sink and drain unblocking wire. You can buy them very cheaply on ebay but sometimes it's hard from the photos to tell exactly the scale of what you are getting. What you want is one which is a thin wire coated in plastic with a tiny brush at the end.  You can get these at the hardware store. I think it goes withough saying that you shouldn't put chemical drain unblockers down these holes, and we'd also advise again poking a coat hanger down there. The pipes are usually a fairly soft silicone connected together with plastic connectors. You need to be quite gentle to avoid damaging the pipes or popping off the connectors. 

If possible work from the bottom, and sometimes it is possible to clear the blockage (which is usually at the bottom) with a few squirts of a hose pipe. Just take your time and be gentle.  

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