Renault Clio 2005 | leaking hatchback grommets


Another common issue on the Renault Clio is the rear grommets next to rear lights which perish and then allow water to ingress into the boot of the car.

Although this is a comon problem on this model of Clio, when cars get to this sort of age, it is usual to see that the rubber grommets and rubber seals to shrink and let in water.  The problem is that cars might have a hundred or more dotted around the car, few of which will be easy to access. This can make leak detection rather challenging and could mean that a car springs leaks in several places at once. This renault was leaking from the scuttle, doors and boot.

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Question: "There is heavy condensation in my car and a damp smell. Today I found the carpets are wet. I went through a car wash and didn't see anythink leak."

Answer: It's very rare to be actually able to see the where the leak is coming from without taking parts of the car apart. Leaks are sneaky, they find the smalled holes to get in and dribble down the backs of panels until the fill up the floor pans and make your carpets wet. We begin by checking our database, looking at all the usual places we know cars to leak. We usually have a pretty good idea where a leak is before a car gets to us but we have to check everything anyway, every car is a bit different, especially those that have been involved in accidents because a crash can open up welds and seams.

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