Renault Megane 2007 | Part 1 | Water leak found


Renault are prone to leak through the bulkhead, this is usually caused by blocked drainage holes in the trough that sits under the windscreen which then fills up with water and leaks through.

Bulkheads have lots of holes for wires, pipes and clips and water will usually find a way.

Solution: We will make sure the drainage holes in this area are clear, although that might not be the direct cause of this problem. The water could be leaking it's way in through holes for the clips that hold the air conditioning pipes. As long as the clips have not become brittle and don't need replacing, they can just be sealed. Then the carpets can be dried. 

We could help you with your leaky Renault!

Renault Megane - Rain water leaking inside car


Our water leak detection service is designed to make the proces of resolving water ingress quick and cost effective. 

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Question: "You guys sound like you know what you're doing and I want you to fix my leak. Are you mobile?"

Answer: I'm afraid not, we couldn't really do what we do as a mobile service. Just for detecting the leaks we have a lot of equipment and as you can see from our videos, we do like to start taking the car apart to  really track down the source of the leak. This is all best done in a workshop. As for drying cars, this can only really be done inside.

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