SEAT Leon 2007 | Water Leak from Doors


This Leon is wet on both sides. It appears the membranes on both rear doors are leaking.

Solution: We will replace the door membranes which usually consist of a sheet of polythene, and then we'll dry the car. Door membranes account for a huge number of leaks that we find of various models of car.

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Question: "Should I just wait till summer to get my car fixed so it will dry out on it's own in the warm weather?"

Answer: It is unlikely your car will dry on it's own. On most cars those carpets are pretty thick and under those are often box sections, so there could be a lot more water in your car than you imagine. Somepeople have even reported that they can hear it sloshing around when they drive around corners. it is not unusual for us to extract ten litres from even average cars. And besides, the water can cause other problems such as mould which can be harmful to your health and electical problems which can be expensive to fix. So it's best to address any leaks right away and get us to properly decontaminate and dry your car.

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