Škoda Superb 2016 | Part 1 |Water Leak Found


We can see there is water getting into the book of this Škoda Superb, and it's probably the rubber that surrounds the boot.

We will continue the investigation in part 2 of this video and, with the leak found, be able to offer a solution. Stay tuned for the surprise ending.

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Question: "How long does it take to fix my leak?"

Answer: We do the water leak inspection in a day, then send you an estimate and ask you how you wish to proceed. Usually we can turn a car within three days... unless of course you decide to have more work done. Many people decide that as they now have their old car fixed up, they might as well get it looking good and hang onto it. This is especially the case with sought-after convertible cars. So we may refurbish the roof and polish the paintwork, in which case the car may be with us around a week while we make it like new again.

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