Škoda Superb 2016 | Part 2 | Water Leak Found

Škoda Superb 2016 | Part 2 | Water Leak Found

Here's part two and a surprise ending. It was the rear brake light which was leaking on this Skoda.

This is one of the things that would have been checked on our initial inspection, but it was only when we got the water hitting it just right that the leak was revealed. Once the trim was removed you could see historic traces of water ingress, the mucky trails of where water had been leaking in for a while, so this was definitely the source of the problem.

It appears somebody else had previously tried to find this leak and in doing so had incorrectly fitted the rubbers around the boot, which wouldn't have helped, but the rear light was undoubtedly the issue.

As Škoda is made by Volkswagen and shares much in design, it would also be worth looking at the rear air vents behind the bumper if you have a Škoda with a leak.

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