Suzuki SX4 2013 | Water Leak Detection Part 2


The rear air vents are leaking on this Suzuki, as if to prove that it's a problem on virtually all makes of cars.

We have had a lot of comments on these videos in the few years that we have been doing them, that people are disgusted that their car's rear air vents are leaking. They blame the manufacturer and comment that there should be a recall.

We don't do many Suzuki, but even this is suffering the same problem as Fords, VWs, Volvos, etc. Not all designs are the same, some have folded plastic which perishes, some have a hinged gate, but all seem to wear out over time. The other problem is the plastic shrinking, or silicone seals that hold them in drying out, so they leak around the outside. 

Our best recommendation is that these vents be replaced with new ones.

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