Toyota Aygo 2012 | Water Leak Detection (Part 2)


This is the Toyota which has multiple leaks into the boot from brake light, locks, the stoppers and rear vents.

In this additional video we show how water can get in past the main rubber that surrounds the boot. As you can see it is dirty and has shrunk a little. We can clean and refurbish this using a rubber reviver but in a situation where the rubber has badly perished it can be replaced for not too much money. See Part 1 of this video for more details.

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Question: "My car is a similar model but not quite the same. Is it likely to have the same leaks as the one in the video?"

Answer: Highly likely, but maybe not. Often the leaks we find are common to lots of makes and models of cars, such as the door membranes or leaking back air vents.  However, we are always finding unusual leaks and things we have never seen before. There's also the matter that cars tend to spring multiple leaks all at the same time so it's best to have in inspection and find out. 

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