Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2013 | Water Leak Detection


It's no surprise that the rear air vents are leaking on this Toyota -- door membranes and rear air vents account for a huge amount of leaks on cars.

There's also a leak around one of the rear lights where the rubber gasket has shrunk with age... probably. Either way, we will attempt to fix this with a rubber reviver. This is much cheaper than ordering a new rubber set for the car. 

This car is a Hybrid and has batteries which are located under the rear seats. It should go without saying that water and electrics don't mix and in the case of hybrid and electric cars it can be potentially dangerous, not least for anybody trying to work on them. Our staff have been trained on electric cars, been on the course, got the certificates etc. 

A lot of people, especially those watching these videos want to try and fix the leaks themselves, which is fair enough. But please be aware that on modern cars there are some modern "issues". Aside from the explody things which can potentially cause you physical harm like the lithium batteries and air-bags, it is possible to do damage to the car, and it's delicate computer systems. Be careful out there. 

Car Water Leak Experts - From detection to drying.

Car Water Leak Experts - Detection to drying.

If you are struggling with wet carpets or trying to find a leak in your car, we can help. Call us about water leak detection today.


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