VW Golf TSI Cabriolet 2008 | Rain Water Leak Roof


Blocked drainage holes under cabriolet roof causing water to get inside the car and makes it's way to the floor on both driver and passenger side.

We also found leaks in the rear air vents on this Volkswagen Golf.

Solution: unblock the drainage holes and dry the car (after finding other leaks, we suspect there are more).

Note: Many people who have a convertible car assume when they find water inside their car that the roof it's self is leaking and they may need a replacement roof. This is seldom the case especially on newer cars. A cabriolet roof usually has some way to drain water away and it is common for these to get blocked up with dirt and leaf debris. Unblocking drainage pipes will usually do the trick but often they aren't easy to get to. There are other reasons that a convertible roof could be leaking which won't require a replacement roof and it's worth remembering that even dirty, faded and moss covered roofs can often be restored.

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Question: "I think I need a new convertible roof, water is getting into my car but I can't see where."

Answer: Don't go buying a new hood just yet. A fabric hood has a rubber membrane inside which is waterproof and seldom perishes to the point that it leaks unless you have a very old car. It's far more likely that water is getting in around the windows or where the roof joins the windscreen. If rubbers are split or deformed, this can cause your car to leak. Water could also be getting in under the hood because it isn't draining away properly or is running down the hinges. 

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