Vauxhall Astra 2014 | Water Leak in Windscreen and Doors


The windscreen and three of the doors were leaking on this Vauxhall Astra.

The problem with the doors were twofold. Firstly the drainage holes at the bottoms of the doors were blocked causing the doors to fill up and overflow, pushing past the membrane. Secondly the membranes ware beginning to come away which means any water now running down the inside of the membrane will now pass straight through.

Solution: The windscreen will need to be refitted which isn't such an expensive job, after all there is no need to buy a new screen, it just needs to be re-sealed. We will remove the door membranes and wash out the bottom of the doors ensuring there is no debris in there that can block the drainage holes, then membranes will be re-fitted and carefully sealed.

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Question: "Why is my car floor wet when it rains? The carpet is sopping on the passenger side."

Answer: There are numerous ways water can be leaking in to the front. A leaky sunroof, through the doors, badly fitted sindscreen or even through the bulkhead. We test all these areas and it's not unusal to find more than one leak, for example both doors leaking. That why our Leak Detection Service is tailored the way it is.  

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