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This Vauxhall Corsa had two leaks, one of which was difficult to find. The first was fairly standard fare, it was leaking at the rear vents.

Most cars have rear air vents so that when you have your heater or air conditioning on, or even have the windows or sunroof open, as air enters the car interior, it can exit at the back. In most cars these air vents are like a cat-flap located just behind the rear arches but on this Corsa they are above the back bumper. As you can see on very many of our other videos rear vents are a common source of leaks once they get old and the seals perish or the flaps don't close properly. Water from the road splashes up and can get inside of them.

The second leak appears to be caused by the rubbers around the sunroof not making a proper seal and letting water past which runs down the A-pillar where it pools in on the driver's floor. 

Solution: We'll take the back bumper off and investigate the rear vents, but it's likely that like vents on other makes and models, the best solution will be to replace them. We'll refurbish the rubbers on the sunroof and hopefully this will do the job. 

Vauxhall Corsa Water Leak Experts

Vauxhall Corsa Water Leak Experts

If you are struggling with wet carpets or trying to find a leak in your Vauxhall Corsa, we can help. We not only find and repair leaks but decontaminate and dry your car.


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Question: "My Vauxhall Corsa has wet carpets in the front on both sides, but I don't have a sunroof."

Answer: It's probably something like leaky door membranes or blocked drainage holes on the scuttle, but we can't tell without looking at the car. There are many places your car could be leaking, this is why we do an inspection, so we can give you an idea what the problem is and how much it will cost to fix. 

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