Vauxhall Vectra | Water Leak From Pollen Filter Scuttle


This Vectra had water getting into the cabin from under the dashboard making the carpets wet. By the time the car got to us it had quite a lot of water in it and was smelling damp.

This is a straightforward one. Water was running off the windscreen into the scuttle trough as it should, but the drainage holes were blocked. So the trough was filling with water until it reached the level of the pollen filter where it just overflowed into the cabin.

Solution: Unblock the drainage holes -- simple as that. There's nothing to replace or repair. However we will extract the water, dry the carpets and treat the car with anti-microbial. 

Rain Water Leak Detection :  London & Essex

London - Essex: Rain Water Leaking Inside Car


If you are struggling with wet carpets or trying to find a leak in your car, we can locate the source of water ingress and dry your car.

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Question: "I have already fixed the leak in my car, it was just a blocked pipe but my car is wet and won't dry. Can you dry my car?"

Answer: Yes. We are happy to just do the drying part. 

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