Volkswagen Golf 2002 | Water Leak Detection


This older VW Golf has all four door membranes leaking water and a host of other common problems.

You may have seen on other videos that the rear air vents leak on Golfs but on this one most of the problems come from the door membranes and a split boot on the wiring of the tailgate. As with most cars, if drainage holes in the scuttle get blocked it can fill up and leak water through the bulkhead, so it's important to keep this area clean and fitting the scuttle plate properly may help keep out debris. We have seen these before where they are mis-fitted but this in its self doesn't seem to be a direct issue.

Solution: Replace all four door membranes and clean out the scuttle. We tend to recommend using replacement parts to repair cars, but in the case of the rubber boot, we might suggest repairing it with a rubber sealant. On a car of this age this is probably more cost-effective.

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