Volkswagen Golf 2014 | Water Leak Detection


This VW Golf was suffering from wetness on the back seat and water filling up the spare wheel compartment in the boot. So we set about looking for a leak in the back.

We weren't entirely surprised to find the rear vents leaking. If you were to look through our playlist of Volkswagens, you'll see that this is not the first time we have run across this problem. However, this doesn't mean that this will be the only leak.

When we do our inspection, we do check the whole car, we run through a checklist of all the places that most cars usually leak, we check our database to see what we have found on similar models, and once the basics are out of the way, we do the detective work, tracing the source of the leak and searching for tell-tail signs of water ingress... because if these videos show you anything, it's the cars often have multiple leaks, so we can't afford to be complacent. 

Solution: The rear vents will be resealed.

Car Water Leak Experts

Car Water Leak Experts

If you are struggling with wet carpets or trying to find a leak in your car, we can help. Call us about water leak detection today.


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Question: "My wife wants to just get rid of the car because of the smell. If you  fix the leak can you get rid of the smell?"

Answer: Indeed we can, we treat all cars with anti-fungal to kill mould and shrooms so that your car is safe. But we also have a range of odour removal services

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