Volkswagen Golf 2014 | Water Leak Detection (Part 1)


This is a very soggy Golf with all the usual leaks in all the usual places. There are no real surprises, but this video demonstrates pretty well the amount of water in the car and the mould problems that it can cause.

When I say this car has all the usual problems, I don't mean to be discouraging of Volkswagen, there are a whole list of cars which when they get to a certain age leak through the door membranes and the rear air vents, most of which AREN'T Volkswagen. It's just one of those things; nothing lasts forever and things need to be fixed or replaced. If you are a homeowner you will know that every few years you will get a leaky tap and need to change a washer, that doesn't mean that you bought a poor quality tap.

The water that is on the back seat which James points out isn't from the leaky door membranes, that is coming from the back, but he points it out because you can see that debris has got into that hole. It's probably crisps and biscuits that kids have dropped and fallen down the back of the seat and now that it's damp has gone mouldy. 

Your car is obviously not airtight, (or water tight) but it is a confined space, so to have mould growing in there is a really serious health problem that most of us underestimate. 

Solution: We will replace these door membranes, probably on all four doors. The rear air vents will be replaced with new ones. There's more about the rear air vents in part two of this video.

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