Volkswagen Golf 2014 | Water Leak Detection (part 2)


This second part of our video on this VW Golf showing the leaking rear vents which are causing water to collect in the boot area.

An awful lot of water can get into these vents but just rain or pouring water down the outside of the car won't reveal this. The water that leaks through these vents splashes up from the road which means it's dirty water... more dirty than normal rain water. It will contain all sorts of contaminants and organic debris which provides food for bacteria and mould to grow on.

Solution: The air vents will be replaced with new ones and while we treat every car that comes with us with a fungicide to decontaminate it, now we have the car in bits we can properly treat these areas. 

Volkswagen Car Water Leak Repair

Volkswagen Car Water Leak Repair

We do far more than find and repair leaks. We decontaminate and dry your car.


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Question: "This seems to be the problem with the leak in my car. Do you have a branch near Manchester?"

Answer: It'm afraid not, we just have the one branch in Chelmsford in Essex. There should be a garage in your area that can do the repairs, and we have videos offering advice about how to try your car. 

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