Volkswagen Golf GT 2008 | Water Leak found


This particular Golf has a leaking rear vent, which is not unusual on a Golf as they do tend to leak when they got to a certain age.

 However, this car has suffered crash damage meaning the vent is broken and the hole it fits through is bent out of shape.

Solution: How this problem is addressed is very much up to the customer. It could be that they have only just had this car repaired through an insurance claim, in which case they should go back to the insurance company and inform them, so the car can be repaired properly. It might be the case that they have just bought the car, in which case they might have some recourse with whomever they bought it from. If neither of these is possible, then sending the car to a body shop to straighten out that panel would be a very expensive way to address a leak, but we might be able to beat that panel back into shape and fit a new vent in there. It's unlikely that it would make a good seal so would require some sealant to make it work. This is hardly ideal, and we do like to repair cars to the standard at which they left the factory, but we do have to bear costs in mind.

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Question: "I'm looking for a car water leak detection service near me in London. Do you know anyone or can you come to me?"

Answer: At the time of writing, the only other dedicated leak detection service besides us is in Canada, although most garages do leak detection so if you are determined to find somebody near you, your only problem will be finding a garage which is enthusiastic about doing it. It's difficult and frustrating work and most mechanics would rather be doing something, anything else. 

We can't run a mobile service because you need a workshop in order to dismantle the car, and you definitely need an enclosed space for drying.  However, we aren't hard to get to from London, you can drive the car to us down the A12 and get back to London on the train. The station is just a few minutes walk away. 

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