Volkswagen Golf Sport Line 2011 | Water Leak Detection (Part 2)


Another Video showing the leaking sunroof from the top, this was noted in the previous video on this VW Golf.

There is a trough below the windscreen which is covered by a plastic scuttle. The Trough usually has two large drainage holes but on ALL cars there is a tendency for leaves to find their way into this trough and build up until the drainage is blocked. The trough will then fill with water, the level raising until it finds a whole to leak out of. They usually leak through the bulkhead into the cabin as although the bulkhead is designed as a fire-shield from the engine, there still needs to be plenty of holes through it for pipes and electrical cables. These should all be sealed properly but rubber and silicone grommets shrink and perish over time. 

Solution: As previously noted, unblock and check the sunroof pipes. The scuttle needs to be cleaned and the drainage holes unblocked, and we would recommend that several blanking plates be resealed as these are a known point of water ingress on the VW Golf. 

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