Volkswagen Golf 2013 | Water Leak Part 1


This VW Golf had a number of leaks, in this video we show how rain water is getting inside the car via an air vent behind the back bumper which is leaking into the boot.

We can also see that the driver's side rear door membrane has probably become un-bonded which means water is leaking in through the door card.

Solution: Remove the rear air vent, clean it of dirt and then reseal it. Replace the door membrane.

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Question: "I had my windscreen replaced and it leaked making the front of the car wet on the carpets. The windscreen company has now refitted the screen but my car still has wet carpets, smells damp and is not satisfactory. They have offered to send around a mobile valeter to shampoo the carpets but I don't think this will get the water out."

Answer: We don't think that valeting the car would be enough either, at most it will suck surface water out of the carpets but not remove the water under them. It is not good to have dirty rain water sitting in your car, aside from the health issues, were recently heard of a fellow who needed most of his electrics replaced including the wiring loom after water got into it. Needless to say this got very expensive, far more expensive than drying the car out properly in the first place.  

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