Volvo C70 2009 | Leaking Windscreen


This one is pretty self explanatory. For whatever reason the bonding at the top of the screen on this Volvo C70 has shrunk and come away, or it was never bonded properly in the first place, causing lots of water to leak in.

This has left the car with plenty of water in it, the carpets soaked and electric cables sitting in water which is never an ideal situation. 

Solution: The window can be refitted and bonded in properly. There is nothing wrong with this screen it just needs to be properly fitted. With that done we can see about drying the car.

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Water leaking through windscreen when it rains


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Question: "I think i have a leaky screen, can I claim on the insurance?"

Answer: You could certainly try. If you have winscreen cover as part of your insurance policy and you had an incorrectly fitted winscreen through them, then they should certainly be informed. The key is to tell them you want your car dried properly. There is a tendency for some companies to send around a mobile guy to shampoo the carpets and thats about it. This will not dry the car out but I don't think a lot of the people who deal with these matters at insurance companies are aware of that. 

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