Volvo C70 hardtop convertible | water leak found


Volvo C70 2006 water leak found video showing one more place where they leak water from the road into the plastic clip holes.

The Volvo C70s do have a reputation for leaking from the rubbers around the hood and we have conditioned those rubbers and given them a good clean so that dirt isn't preventing a good seal. As Gary mentions, once water has leaked into the boot you can get condensation which condenses on the upper surfaces, fooling people into thinking that water is still coming from the convertible roof. However, there are other places where water could be leaking in. 

Water is splashing up from the back wheels and leaking in through the clips which hold a wiring loom inside the car. 

Solution: These clips will be replaced then we will dry the car. 

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Question: "My car smells damp, the smell is getting very strong. But I don't have wet carpets and I can find no sign of a leak. Where is the smell coming from?"

Answer: It's probably under the carpet. There is often foam padding under there which can be up to five inches deep, so if you have a slow leak, the water could have been collecting there for a long time but hasn't yet saturated the foam and raised to the level of the carpet.

There is a slight possibility that something got spilt or your air conditioning unit is leaking, but these generally lead to a different kind of smell. The best thing to do is pull the carpets up and find out what's going on underneath, then we can determine if it's a rain water leak or something else. 

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