Volvo C 70 2006 | water leak on door and cabriolet roof


A completely different set of leaks from the last Volvo C70 we did (you can find this in our Volvo playlist).

This one has a leaky door membrane and a leak from a rear window which the hard convertible roof closes onto. 

Solution: We will replace both door membranes because the chances are they are both perishing and it probably won't be long until the passenger side one is leaking to.

We will give the rubbers on the roof a good clean and then treat them with a restorer which should make the supple again and hopefully create a better seal. If not, the rubbers will need to be replaced. 
With all this done the car will be dried and re-assembled and returned to the customer.

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Question: "Could the water in my car be causing the electrical problems?"

Answer: Most definitely. You probably noticed already the condensation on the inside of your windows. Water from any leak will condensate on any hard cold surface which includes all the metal connectors behind your dashboard and even inside the doors. Critical systems tend to be pretty well waterproofed so we have found control units situation under seats which are completely submerged and they still work, but things like electric windows aren't so well protected. We often find it's things like this which are first to go. So if you find your car has a leak and it is just one of a string of problems you have had with the car, the leak could be the root cause. 

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