Ford Fiesta | Water Leaking Through Door Membranes


This Ford Fiesta had wet 'floorboard' on the drivers side and passenger side. We knew there was water leaking from the front because of the wet carpets, but was also a leak in the boot.

Firsted we decontaminated the car using an antimicrobial, then using a can of water to simulate the affect of raining, we realized that the water was leaking through the door membranes. 

Also, there was leaks in the back and the passenger foot-well, which was soaking into the carpets. The water that was getting into the boot was leaking in through the rear air vents which were found after our 28 point check leak diagnosis.

Solution: The door membranes were replaced and the rear vents were fixed and  re-sealed. Then the car was dried.


Do you have a Ford with a wet carpets?

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Question: "I don't have a sunroof and never had a new windscreen but there is water dripping from the centre roof light when it rains."

Answer: This sounds like the windscreen has become unbonded and is leaking from the top, causing water to run down to the roof. This is a comon cause of leaks if you have had a replacement windscreen, or sometimes factory screens can become un-bonded over time letting water in. Getting the screen refitted should stop this leak.

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