Range Rover Evoque | Water Leaks Found


This range Rover had a leak from a factory fitted screen, which seems to be something of a common problem on this model.

Over time the car expands and contracts, the shell flexes while cornering, and a weakly bonded windscreen can, over time develop leaks.

There were two leaks in the top of the screen which was dripping down behind the dash and leaking down into the foot-well, causing wet carpets.

Solution: The windscreen will have to be refitted and properly sealed. Here at new again, we specialise in leak diagnosis, fixing leaks, decontamination and drying cars.

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Question: "My car doesn't seem to leak when it rains, but afterwards when I drive around a corner, water pours out from the side of the dashboard onto the floor on the passenger side."

Answer: Many cars have a tray below the windscreen which often contains things like the windscreen wiper motors, water from the windscreen often runs through the scuttle and into this area which should have at least two drainage holes, possibly more. The problem is that this areas can often get filled with leaves and debris which block up the drainage holes over time and fill the tray. It can then slop from side-to-side, front-to-back while you are driving and slosh over into holes in the bulkhead and pour down behind the dashboard. The solution is usually just to unblock the drainage holes, although some sealing of the bulkhead can also prevent future leaks.

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