Why have a lease return inspection?

There are many good reasons to have an independent lease inspection, but the biggest one is the expert advice you get with it. The inspection report it's self will detail the issues with the car, but most people don't really know what to do with that information.  It would still be very easy to spend far too much money getting all the work done, or spending money on the wrong things and getting a large bill anyway. 

When we do an inspection, we put together an advice notice making recommendations on what you should and should not do. We take an overview on the car and figure out the best way to return the car having spent the least money to get it passed. 

This will put you back in control. There is no uncertainty, and you won't be returning your car wondering if you will get a bill or how big it will be. 

You will also have your own report listing everything that you can use in the unlikely event of a dispute with the lease company

Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 16/06/2022 15:51