Will I be charged for scuffed wheels at the end of my lease?

You can be charged for scuffed wheels at the end of lease if the length of the scuff is over 25mm, however we have found that some companies won't charge you, even if the size goes over than this, if the scuffing in minor.

The re-charges for wheel repair are usually fairly generous. The cost of the recharge is likely to in similar to what you would pay for to have the work done yourself, so accepting the recharge may not cost you any more money and might save you the hassle of taking a day off work to get them repaired.

However, we may well recommend having them done if you have other damage on your car which is borderline and might be expensive to repair. There is the threshold to consider, plus there is a certain amount of subjectivity about assessing a car. A newly refurbished set of wheels lifts the whole appearance of the car and could tilt any borderline decisions in your favour. 

Written by Danny Argent. Last updated 20/06/2022 15:07