What are the best ceramic coatings according to the experts?

If you ask three experts anything, you will get five different answers. However, I think in the case of ceramic coatings, most professionals agree that they are all much the same. The differences between one ceramic coating and another are in things like reliability of supply, warranty, customer service, and how easy they are to apply. None of these things really affect the end user.

The single biggest factor detailers are looking for when it comes to choosing a ceramic coating, is how much brand awareness there is. How much buzz surrounding the product. Of course, just because a product is the best-selling or most popular, doesn't mean it's the best, but it does mean it's easier to sell to people because potential customers are looking for it. There is little point having the best product in the world if nobody knows about it, and the average detailer does not have the knowledge, expertise or money for marketing and advertising. If the brand can do all the marketing for them, it's a big advantage. So they will try to get the big name brands, but after that it's a buyer's market. Every month we have companies knocking on our door, asking us to try their products, and that's exactly what we do. Some are complete garbage, most are very good but don't offer anything that we aren't getting from our current line-up. 

If there is some super product out there that blows the rest away, we aren't aware of it.