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Amisha Muni

I parked my car by the river on 14th Dec and it caught a high tide. About 2-3 inches of water inside. I got all the water out, and the car runs fine. Got the carpet cleaned on the 15th. Now it has started ...

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Michael Cunningham

I live in Mobile, Alabama and have a low milage (36000 miles) 2wd Toyota Tacoma truck, I was run off a road into a flooded ditch and took several hours before being towed out. The engine, transmission ...

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Terry Wong

I am in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I have spotted a flood damaged Aston Martin in the UK I would like someone to check the vehicle over both body and mechanical before I purchase the car. Do ...

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Hannah Fletcher

We have a 08 model. Black pearlescent colour. we have recently had our house painted and the decorator has sprayed fine spray of cream exterior house paint on the car .It is all over the bonnet and up ...

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bal liddder

hi i live in hitchin herts sg40rs i was looking to buy a 635 which has been sitting in flood/waters.the footwells and spare wheel well was full of water carpets are wet the seats are leather.what sort ...

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Dear Sir or Madam, We just bought the above mentioned car, and we want to have the smoke odour removed from it. It has leather seats, an I'm wondering if that needs a treat too if I want to have the smoke ...

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vikki ames

A can of oil based paint has burst in my car and is on the carpet in the rear of the car Please can you let me know if this is something you can sort out for me. Also I have some marks on paint work ...

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Elizabeth Whitbourn

I have recently accidently spilt approx 15l of raw milk in the boot of my car. I have managed to clean up the best I can but still have the problem of the smell from the sour milk. I am guessing that ...

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Keily brooks

We have recently bought this car on the assumption the odour would go with the windows open. Although its only been a week i am concerned the smell is not getting any better. We have thoroughly cleaned ...

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amar hussain

car is water damaged. the exterior is in great condition, however the interior has been affected by the water, and also the brakes and water made its way to th engine, just wondering how much it would ...

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